Sometimes it’s more fun to color outside the lines!

Why is it so hard to color in the lines all of the time? Sometimes it’s just too much to bear and ya just have to scribble in a wild color all over the page…and that is exactly what I did over the long holiday weekend.

Did anyone else wake up this morning feeling like a big fat baby back rib?

Let me illustrate…Friday night…chocolate chocolate chocolate…Saturday…too many boiled peanuts to count while out on the lake followed by hot dogs, corn on the cob, Cajun baked beans and blue cheese cold slaw punctuated with vinegar pie and fresh berries…Sunday….pork chops, mashed potatoes and lemon berry cake which I made and sampled a significant amount of batter from the bowl…and for the grand finale…..July 4th….breakfast began with homemade french toast,,,,club wrap with bacon-served with french fries..more boiled peanuts….and another cookout with buffalo chicken dip, homemade cheese biscuits, ribs, baked beans, slaw and fresh watermelow…did I mention a lot of wine, vodka sodas and a few beers? Oh my…I so wish I hadn’t written this out. *This post brought to you by Tums!

Feeling a little guilty, not to mention a little pressure on my stomach, I was anxious to get to hot yoga this afternoon to sweat it out. Did I mention that those ribs and boiled peanuts were much more delightful going in than coming out. OUCH…my body is protesting my irreverent behavior.

Note to self…color in the lines next holiday.

Celebrate July 4th!

Happy July 4th friends! Though I wish we were at the beach…alas…we are settled in to enjoy our little “retreat” aka-our home. we have a packed weekend with time on the lake, dinner with friends, a fireworks viewing party and a little time at the club pool. What are you doing? Any fun 4th traditions?

Summer is here

As if the thermometer on your car didn’t give you a big enough clue…summer is here. In honor of the heat…I mean the first day of summer, C. and I had the best summer dinner imaginable. If I could eat summer style all year I’d be so happy…and skinny.  The juicy sweet peaches, the tangy tomatoes and the slimy but oh so delish okra. Man….can’t get better than that. Tonight, after a long day in the office,  we had a simple summer supper – grilled mahi, a tomato, corn, basil relish and fresh avocado. Dessert- the sweetest watermelon imaginable.

I can remember how drastically our childhood summer supper menu changed from the menu the other nine months of the year. We would often just have veggies for dinner…always fresh…always from either a local farm or from Dad’s garden. Growing up in a small southern town, fresh veggies were always available and were meant to be shared with neighbors. 

This is probably foreign to you city slickers….My grandmother used to “put up” vegetables in the summer. Bags and bags of zip locks filled with corn and peas and butter beans…Can you even imagine shucking all that corn and then cutting off the husk? Or shelling peas…how dreadful. Guess that is why sitting on the front porch rocking and shelling was so popular. A different time we live in today…but the same summer flavor creates special memories. 

What’s your favorite summer food?


If those screens could talk!

Some of my best post-college memories come from some serious porch sitting on 15 Russell Road in ALexandria Virginia. It was the ugliest pink stucko house I have ever seen. BUT it had the BEST fronch porch. Though only three girls “officially lived” in the house, on any given weekend you could find 15 or so people crashing! We had our pre-going out cocktails on the porch, our post-going out cocktails on the porch and of course our OMG I am about to die morning after coffee sitting on the porch. It was that little screened in porch that introduced me to the casual care-free living that a screened porch enables.

So here I am today…stretched out on my screened in porch. It was a REQUIREMENT when we began discussing our renovation. And of course it had to include a fireplace so that we could use it for 9 out of 12 months.  I just love this space! It’s my absolute favorite part of house. And I have the most wonderfully compfy sofa that I found at an antique store (more like a junk barn than an antique store…but whatever. It was love at first site.)

If only my Sewanee and DC girls were here to sit with me…this would be PERFECT! Cheers to the memories.

Painting is from Goodwill...just a place holder to cover the electrical box. At some point we'll put a TV over the mantel.I love the fireplace. Reclaimed wood creates an interesting focal point above the mantel. The green and brown pieces are actual siding pieces from the house pre-renovation.


I ordered 30 yards of ticking when I found it for 3.00/yard on line. Had no idea what I would do with it. It's perfect outside. Its just so casual. And when C spills red wine...after I kill him...I'll just throw it in the wash and consider the stain patina! The back fabric is sunbrella and the ikat pillows are Ebay purchases from Uzbekistan.

Lamp from Habitat store. Painted. I need a new shade...but in the meantime, I cut a little ticking and hot glued it on to freshen the 70's look. case you were is the before pic of the sofa! My what a little paint and some ticking can do!