Where do you wear your wellies?

First, let me say that we have had our share of Spring showers and I am quite tired of wet feet. So when I thought about what I could wear to a Sunday afternoon  baby shower, the thought of cute shoes seemed ridiculous. It was raining cats and dogs.  Trying to figure out what to wear- always a challenge-I took a little inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw and little inspiration from my dear friend Kim.

During a movie marathon yesterday, I watched Sex and the City for the millionth time and felt inspired to get a little funky.  Especially now that I wear a suite mon-fri. Not enough opportunities to show my true personality.Part two of my inspiration can from Kim.  She suggested that I try wearing something unexpected somewhere and share the comments I receive.

Destiny…My outfit was meant to be. I have this fabulously funky pink and blue crocheted wrap and can never seem to find the right place to wear it. Perfect. Add a little hobby horse silver pendant to hold it together and a simple white shirt as the backdrop. Outfit coming together…that’s the  Carrie Bradshaw part.

Now for the Kim part- The Unexpected. Tried on my suede boots…but it was raining. Tried on my ankle boots, not perfect. Tried on ballet flats- feet would get wet. Then inspiration hit…add something unexpected – my wellies! Black with fun bright polka dots. The perfect combo and my feet would stay nice and dry.

Let’s just say that I was the ONLY one at the party with wellies. Most guests came from church so they were dressed very baby shower appropriate with dresses and heels. I wish I could say that my outfit caused a buzz…but it didn’t.  I definitely think I stood out…but it wasn’t shocking. Guess I’ll have to push it farther next time.

Lesson learned…dress for the weather and no one will ever question the outfit!

3 thoughts on “Where do you wear your wellies?

  1. I was abuzz regarding the new fact I learned at said baby shower: who knew that 1800 baby wipes would not last until the baby is 77 years old? I thought the outfit was fabulously fun and the boots were a great touch of flair! Y

  2. I could have used those Wellies after the baby shower- – got caught in a downpour. I’m glad we got to share in your “new thing” for the day.

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