Polyester pants and pleather shoes

Selecting what to wear today was a bit challenging. No leather, no silk, no wool. Last night I went on-line to study veganism and plan my day…from what to wear to what to eat, today was very calculated.

According to wikipedia: Veganism is a philosophy and lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.[1][2] Vegans endeavor not to use or consume animal products of any kind.[3]

I had several meetings today…so it was important for my vegan clothing to look appropriate. After checking several labels, I found a purple polyester jacket and brown polyester slacks (not nearly as atrocious as you might think). Shoes were a bit more challenging and a handbag even more of a challenge. But thank god for the nine west things I held on to- all pleather…off to work…peanut butter in hand.

Our intern is a huge Chipotle fan so she suggested we go there for lunch. She’s up on the hip best places for vegetarians. No sooner than I told her I had never met a vegan…I was introduced to Chip who whipped up the MOST delish salad. Have you ever tried their salad dressing. Heaven. I’ll have dressing with a salad on the side next time. So within the span of a few minutes, I had two new things to report…a real life vegan and a first time lunch at Chipotle. Seriously – my new favorite. If you ever need a partner in crime for a quick bite, I’m in!

My day as a vegan was almost over, but not before a little yoga to help digest all of those beans and a quick rinse in the shower….no soap, no deoderant…and I was off to Bunko. Bunko girls wanted to make sure everyone knew that I didn’t use soap or deodorant yesterday…so if I was a bit stinky….my apologies. I wasn’t sure if my current products were vegan friendly and I wanted to make sure I did this new thing correctly.

All in all a good day. My stomach was a little upset at the end of the day. Certainly not accustomed to so many fibrous foods. Let me also note, that being a vegan is not conducive to South Beach…which is my normal way of eating. Being a vegan was challenging. Hats off to those who are…but give me some leather pumps and big steak!

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