Sweet Tea- the quest continues…

Stopped by the grocery store on my way home this evening to pick up the necessities: red wine and sweet tea. Still struggling with the end of Milos tea supply, I am trying to find a replacement. Some people have really refined wine pallettes…others for sweet tea!

So my quest for a replacement continues. I tried Chik-fil-A’s unsweetened and added my own sweetener. Not bad, but not the best. They brew a really strong tea and its like $5 a gallon.  Last night at bunko someone mentioned that Publix has a really good diet sweet tea. It, like Milo’s, is sweetened with Splenda. Spenda is Splendid in my world. I spent 99% of the day either madly preparing for a presentation or on one of 7 conference calls. Time was running out and I had to try something new today. I figured Publix tea was worth a shot.

Publix diet sweet tea is quite good (not Milos but the closest second). The first tastes had a weird flavor. I can’t quite pin it…almost like dish soap. But after the ice melted a bit, I really liked it. If I could make one suggestion to Publix, I would request that they ease up just a bit on the sweetness…like a wine with strong tannins…it leaves a distinct after taste that is a little bitter.

I recommend this tea to all of you iced tea lovers. On sale this week $0.99/half gallon. Perfect pairing for a warm spring day…great paired with a little red wine a nice mild french cheese!  Sounds like a picnic…let’s see if I can convince C to go on a picnic this weekend! It would be something new!

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