Date Night for One

For those of you who know me, you know I am not a movie person. I don’t really watch movies and can honestly say that I do not enjoy going to the movies (most of the time I fall asleep). I think I have been to the movies twice in the past 6 years (ocean’s 11 and Marlie and Me). It’s just not fun for me. First of all, I think that theaters are disgusting…I think of all of the gross people who have sat in those cloth seats before me (doing lord knows what) and second…I can’t be totally still- must be doing something when watching a movie. Third, it’s usually miserably cold. Fourth-you can’t fast forward the stupid previews. Fifth, people chew popcorn really loud. Sixth- there is always a laughing hyena sitting close by. Ok that’s enough negativity…this blog is about positive new experiences.

So today I decided stretch my horizon and give the theater another shot. To make the experience something new, I went alone.  I took a power nap this afternoon before heading out to ensure that I wouldn’t fall asleep in the theater. I even went prepared with a good sweater so I wouldn’t freeze. Movie selection: Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. I saw them on the today’s show and the movie looked hilarious. Too bad they showed all of the funny clips on the Today’s show.  Actually the highlight of the two hour experience was seeing the preview for Sex and the City Two.

Ok- seriously people- do you really spend money to go to the theater on a regular basis? How can an average american even afford to go to the movies? A matinée, popcorn and diet coke costs $14. REALLY? Seriously? And I went to the matinée. The movie was average…would have been much better if I could have half paid attention to it while perusing a magazine on my sofa with my pup Woo.

Popcorn was excellent. I do love good popcorn…but explain to me why I paid $8 for the same popcorn and coke that cost $1.50 at Target (as opposed to $8). And for me, two hours in target is much more fun than two hours in a gross theater.

As for the experience of going alone…not too different from going with someone. It’s not like you talk during the movie. I guess you could make out…but I’m too old for that. So…all in all…my opinion of the theater remains. See you again in another 6 years!

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