The golden ticket…my own chocolate factory

What is your “can’t live without” food? Is there something that you crave everyday? And is there something that you can’t resist no matter what?

Pour moi-  It’s chocolate. Luckily dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants. Eating brownies for dinner last week really kicked up the chocolate cravings. It lit an adventurous fire to my taste buds. There is some sort of cosmic magnetic force in the universe drawing me to chocolate. It’s everywhere I turn…

My in-laws just returned from Europe and brought me a FANTASTIC box of dark chocolates from The Chocolate Line, a world famous chocolatier in Belgium.I’m not really sure what all of the flavors are…very exotic with interesting shapes and designs. Today I tried a flavor that was new to me…The dark chocolate was molded to look like a Buddah…and in Buddah’s belly was a ginger flavored filling. The ginger tasted just like the pickled ginger that compliments sushi. Very interesting. Not sure I exactly liked it. Never in a million years would I have paired chocolate with pickled ginger. A little weird. I get the pairing of bacon with chocolate- that salty sweet combo that Chicago’s Vosges Haut Chocolate is famous for.

So now I am wondering if Buddah had ginger in his belly, what do you think the flavor of the piece with a cigar stamped on the outside will taste like?

As I sat down to write this afternoon, I saw that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  was on TV. I have never seen this movie…It’s fate. CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE. I had to watch it (while I indulged in my Belgium dark chocolates).

Sometimes we fight the universe and sometimes its just easier to listen! Clearly chocolate is calling: 
 This week I will create my own little chocolate factory. Maybe if I eat soooooo much chocolate this week, it’ll no longer feel like such a treat and I won’t CRAVE it all the time.

So…for the next week, I’ll try to eat chocolate at every meal-even breakfast and will even try to incorporate chocolate into our entrees. At minimum…each day I will share with you a new chocolate adventure.  We’ll call this week a taste of the “sweet life” in the chronicles of AGH.

Addendum: I just learned that the Belgium chocolatier was designing an Alice in Wonderland display for the window. This cosmic connection to chocolate is CRAZY! 

Here they are preparing for the Alice in Wonderland Display. Assuming that is the Queen of Hearts in the background.

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