Chocolate Factory – Italy

We’ve experienced the tastes and sensual flavors of french chocolate…now time for Italy. There are only a couple of really good Italian restaurants in Gville- one being on main street (very expensive)- the other, one of those great hole in the wall inexpensive places with a charming Italian owner who manages the restaurant, cooks and waits on tables. 10 tables- NO RESERVATIONS.

I saved up all day for a decadent chocolate dessert…or at least a great dessert like tiramisu with a touch of rich chocolate. Before I even ordered my entree, I had to get the dessert line up. Starving, after a long day topped off with a hard hot yoga class, I was ready to chow down. But I wanted to get the dessert line up so I could gage how decadent I could go with dinner (could I “afford” that rich vodka cream sauce?)

Imagine my sadness to learn that there was NO CHOCOLATE on the menu. No reservations and no chocolate. What kind of place is this? I explained my terrible dilemma. I NEEDED chocolate. Mr. Giovanni must have felt really sorry for me (and lets just say….C was mortified) because he promised to make some cannoli with chocolate for me. whew. Promise to you kept.

A great dinner with great friends-we shared several types of mussels for an appetizer, fresh brushetta with smooth olive oil and chicken piccata for me (I decided I couldn’t “afford” cream sauce after 5 days of chocolate). Now time for the cannoli and a photo with Mr. Giovanni! Photo gets a ten!  What a great host. But the makeshift dessert…not so much. It was not meant to have chocolate. The creamy filling had a lemon/citrus flavor which didn’t pair well with the chocolate chips and chocolate topping. Oh well….I tried…something new!

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