Almost to Marrakech…with a touch of Carribean

Tonight was truly a commingle…C. caught fresh mahi over the weekend and we invited friends over to enjoy the catch. I had in my mind that I wanted to try a new recipe by Paula Wolfert which imitates a dish she tasted in Morocco. I thought C. and I communicated on this side dish, so imagine my surprise when I arrived home to a fresh mango puree sauce for the fish (which was a replica of this great sauce we tried at Pete’s Pub in the Abacco’s). Interesting. So let me tell you about the meal- We had fresh mahi with a mango puree sauce; pot roasted eggplant with tomatoes and cumin, roasted french green beans, strawberry shortcake and truffles!  What a mess. I would never in a million years have created this pairing, but actually it worked quite well. The mango sauce was very mild and had a bit of a kick. As for my side dish, the Moroccan eggplant- it was just ok considering the production it took to make it (roast the eggplant, scoop out innards, drain out all water, mash to puree, and then cook for a while). Overall it was a really acidic dish and probably would have paired better with something a little different.

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