So lucky

There are many reasons why I feel very lucky to live in Gville. Artisphere is always a little reminder to me that I live in a really hip place. Each year Artisphere’s reputation is enhanced by the quality of artists it brings. This jurored art show draws people from all over the country to exhibit. This year over 300 artists entered and I must say the jurors did a great job with the selection. There was a huge variety of artists, from leather works to pottery to paintings on tar paper (yes the stuff you use on roofs).

The weather was spectacular not a cloud in the sky. We went early as it was mother’s day and we figured that it would be too crowded later in the day. If only I wasn’t on a budget….I saw so many cool things.

paintings on tar paper with layers of putty to give it texture

Luckily I was able to make a small purchase. And it may be the only piece of art I have ever purchased that C. actually liked…and he even encourage the purchase…I think he is mellowing in his old age. Or maybe I am just wearing him down.

The piece incorporates metal, glass and two small paintings layered in the center. The exterior frae is a metal that has been corroded with acid. The paintings are tucked under a deep glass giving  it a box effect. I had the opportunity to talk with the artist. He was a really cool guy. I always like it when I can meet the artist. For me it makes or breaks the painting.

One thought on “So lucky

  1. AGOH – Heard you saw my brother at the artfair – what about some free publicity for J/K – Sandy said it was a great show.

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