Even french women have taken on the american lifestyle of being on a “diet”. Why they follow us, is beyond me. I learned while studying in france that the word “diet” really doesn’t exist in the french language (another reason why I wish I were french…I went on my first diet at age eight…go ahead friends say it…Slenderella…I’ll save that story for another time). When it comes to food, we, americans, are not too savvy. But some french entrepreneur created this website that now has 700,000 members. Many of the recipes provided to the members are middle eastern as the founder’s chef father who is middle eastern helped create the recipes and today I tried one of the recipes which appeared in Food and Wine (BTW April Food and Wine had a lot of GREAT recipes).

I’m  a huge fan of mediterranean food and unfortunately Gville doesn’t have a really great place. I think I need to learn more about this type of food. So tonight I tried a  grilled chicken recipe with a tahini sauce. I first made a greek yogurt marinade- which had cider vinegar in it….very interesting combo. I let the chicken marinate for about 6 hours and I made a tahini sauce (I love sauce…any kind…and I rarely eat meat without it…drives C. crazy).

The yogurt made the chicken really tender and the vinegar gave it a nice tang. It was an interesting flavor. Very tasty when paired with the tahini sauce, but not a fan of the chicken on its own. Unfortunately the grill ran out of propane, so we had to finish the chicken in the house. bummer. It also would have been better if it had been cooked slowly over coals. Oh well…maybe next time. I would definitely try this one again.

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