Hitting the links

What is better to do on a beautiful South Carolina Sunday afternoon than swing your clubs? It’s been quite some time since I played golf on a regular basis- 13 years to be exact. The funny thing is, the whole reason I learned to play was to “further my career” (and play golf with cute guys…which never happened. like they wanted to play with the girls) I guess secretly I really liked golf, but it wasn’t exactly “cool” to play on the Sewanee Lady Tiger Golf Team (yes I was on the team. No I wasn’t a good golfer..more comic relief to the team than anything else). I really did begin playing golf because I thought I would need to know how when I became a high powered corporate international attorney! LOL  HA. That’s funny. Of course I am not a high powered anything…but ask me how many times the guys in the office have asked me to tag along for an afternoon of golf? That’s right- ZERO.

But at age 34, I couldn’t be happier to be a golfer (a much longer shelf life than my stint as a cheerleader!). C. spends at least one afternoon each weekend on the course and  occasionally he lets me tag along. Though I am a bit out of practice, I don’t think I am a total embarrassment. At least I have a decent swing…I’ve wanted to play more often, but it’s nearly impossible to find a girl who will play with me.

Recently our friends JH and E joined the club…and lucky for me, I now have a partner! We all played together this weekend. Though golf certainly isn’t new to me, it was the first time Corey and I had played with them and I did get a new purple golf glove! We had a great time.  There will be lots of “first” to come this summer related to golf….I need some new golf clubs- especially a driver…I need some cute golf skirts, perhaps a new visor…oh the possibilities.

Oh I got my golf groove back! Hoping that I can begin playing again on a regular basis. This time – Not for me career…but for the pleasure!

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