Encore Jimmy!

Monday…dreadful…Monday. What can I do today to make it through another Monday? No matter how much I love my job (and I do), Mondays are never fun (mainly because C and I have so much fun on the weekend). To soothe the workday stress (when I am not in meetings or on conference calls), I listen to some tunes. Reggae for creativity, French for stress and Michael Buble to calm. Notice, I haven’t mentioned Jimmy or Kenney…they are good for everything. One song and I am transported to the islands…my paradise.

Jimmy recently released a new album. BUT for some reason he only released to Amazon and Wal-Mart. I had to wait a bit for it to finally arrive on iTunes. So today it was finally there and I purchased the new CD which has a compilation of live classics like “Come Monday” and one of my favorites “He Went to Paris”.  What a fun filled afternoon I had jammin out to Jimm…pretending to be in Vegas at a concert. Sometimes it just takes a little imagination to create an office adventure!  Not to mention what the relaxed feel does for my creativity. Stay tuned to learn what I cooked up this afternoon. It’s gonna be big.

And btw- Jimmy’s new CD “Encore” really is great. Worth the purchase. Can’t wait try it out on the boat.

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