Office Attire: Pink Lilly

In the spirit of Jimmy, today I wore Lilly to work…Lilly Pulitzer that is. Now that is something new. A total deviation from my buttoned up suit! First, I rarely wear Lilly at all. But every Spring, usually late April, I have an urge to purchase something Lilly. So I have a few pieces in my collection.

Today I wore a bright pink linen tunic with a gold embroidered neck and hem line. I paired it with white pants and a pair of gold pumps. I definitely felt like a little piece of Spring. And I must admit, I looked more like a lady who lunches than a girl trapped behind a computer all day! But it felt good. And it served as a reminder for why I work so hard…so I can go to tropical places and wear my Lilly! ok- so that is a bit of a stretch since I really am more of a white tank top and terry cloth skirt kind of girl.

I probably won’t step out of my box that far again when it comes to clothing. There is something really comforting in the boundaries that I create between work and pleasure…and clothes are such a defining thing for me… I don’t think I like blurring the lines. But hey…I tried something new.

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