Emily Post would be pleased

Don’t you think the demise of a hand written note is tragic? Nothing, I mean nothing, replaces a hand written note. People rarely send notes these days. I get the occasional thank you note, but never a note out of the blue written by hand, stamped and mailed (with the exception of my dear friend RCR). Why pen something out when you can email, text, facebook or twitter? Instant gratification.

My grandmother wrote me almost every week when I was in college. She rarely had anything to say, but it was so fun to get her note in my SPO (mailbox). It did help that she stuck a $20 in there every now and then. I always thought it so amusing that she closed each- Isles of view- Mama. I can see her sharp-pointed penmanship…a little shaky as she aged. Oh and she sent the mini-page each week. Though I had long outgrown the minipage, she had saved it for me my whole life and I guess it was something she just didn’t want to give up (and I have to admit, I enjoyed reading it even in college…it reminded me of home).

So today, I wanted to extend words of encouragement to a couple of friends who were going through a hard time and words of happiness to friends who are soon to give birth. I started to pick up the phone to call one…and I started to send a quick email to another…and I even started to send a quick facebook message to a friend I haven’t seen in while…but then I remembered the joy of receiving something in my mailbox other than a credit card offer or a bill. So, I grabbed my pen and began to write. It only took a few minutes and a couple of stamps. Presto…a piece of sunshine in their mailbox. Today’s something new is a practice that I plan to continue. It made me feel great and I know the recipients would agree that the heartfelt message was much more meaningful than a quick 21st century communication.

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