Smothered, Covered, Diced….

How do you prefer your hashbrowns? Smothered? Covered? Diced? Chunked? Peppered? Capped? Topped? Country? That’s right friends…today’s post is all about an American icon- Waffle House.

Let me begin by saying that I am embarrassed to admit that in college the midnight waitress at the Monteagle Waffle House knew my name and not because I came in for an occasional coffee. Too many late nights were spent sobering up to smothered, covered diced hash browns. I have the photos to prove it.

I love breakfast. And if I were retired, you’d find me at a breakfast spot meeting friends everyday for breakfast. I plan to be that old person.

Every morning on my way in to the office, I pass a Waffle House. And every morning as I am sipping my protein shake, I think about how tasty some hashbrowns and eggs would be. You guessed it- I couldn’t resist this morning. The thought of greasy potatoes (filled with good ol vitamen G) with red high fructose corn syrup (ketchup) were too strong the resist.

It’s been years since I have been to a WH- they all look the same and nothing has changed but the menu. I don’t remember the topped, peppered or country though C says they have been on there all along and they have added names to the menu like “Alice’s Tea”…isn’t that appropriate. I definitely think it was named after me.

It wasn’t very busy. I didn’t even feel weird going in by myself. I found a booth with a good view of the grill. Isn’t it fun to see the short order cook dice up the hash browns? And I find it funny the way the waitress calls out the order…even when there is only one person there. Two eggs sunny side up, hashbrowns, bacon and decaf coffee.a Enjoyed chatting with Clem, the cook, who I think may have been the manager too. He was really amused by the whole blog thing and even let me photograph him.

What a fun way to start my day! But I must admit that even though I only ate several bites of the breakfast, I felt a little sick and needed a good nap after all that grease! Now I know why I stick to protein shakes.

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