For Sale

I tried to sell my $500 pottery barn bedding at the yard sale a few months ago…but no takers. I am sick of looking at it…it’s a reminder of money down the drain and a spur of the moment indulgent purchase. Just after C. and I were married, I just “had” to have new bedding. Out with the old…in with the new. I knew the minute I got home with it that it wasn’t what I was looking for. And yet…I was too lazy to take it back to the mall and trample in with a quilt, duvet and shams. So I kept it…only for about two months before it was washed and put back in its packaging…to be replaced with basic beige bedding. Our bedroom is just too small for a pattern.

So today, I placed the bedding on eBay! My first eBay listing. I’ve bought plenty but never listed. If this works then I have plenty of other items to add to the eBay store front.

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