Will work for peanuts

If you grew up in the south, chances are you love boiled peanuts. I have been savoring the delish salty flavor of boiled peanuts my whole life. As a little girl, my brother who is 11 years older than me, would wake me up late night on saturday nights when he came home so I could watch Saturday night live with him and eat boiled peanuts. He always stopped at a convenient store on the way home and purchased a couple of cans of boiled peanuts so we could have a little snack together (keep in mind he was 17 and I was 6!).

So yesterday C. informed me that he banned dry roasted peanuts from the boat because they are too messy…really? Fish guts are ok but a few peanut shells are ok? Male logic – go figure. He did say that we could stop and get some boiled peanuts…apparently they are acceptable because they don’t make a mess???

We headed to the lake and stopped at a convenient store just before the boat landing. My lucky day…there was an old dude selling boiled peanuts in the parking lot. $4.50 for  large container. As I strolled in the store…happy as could be, I asked the peanut man- “so are your peanuts ready?” He responded, “I sure as hell hope so. Why else would I be here?” Oh dear…a grouchy old man.

All I needed was a little cash. Luckily they had an ATM. Unluckily- it was out-of-order. What’s a girl to do? Beg her husband for cash? That would seem to be the logical thing to do…but C. doesn’t ever have cash.

Next- barter with the man. I NEEDED those peanuts. So I went over to explain the situation to Mr. Peanut Man who was smoking cigarets. Allow me to set the stage- Beat up pick up- a little rusty and several shades of gray. Small trailer with a wooden contraption holding a caldron of peanuts. Man is old. Not many teeth. Old fashioned overhauls and white undershirt, chain-smoking. Then there is me. Cute black dress, big wide-brimmed boat hat, tori burch flip flops and pearl earrings.

Ok folks- not my first rodeo here. I grew up showing horses and I know about these old-fashioned country men. Surely I can barter this one out. So I approach him and begin to explain the situation. I don’t think he cares (or understands). I offer to buy him several packs of cigs in exchange for the peanuts. His response – “the cigarettes cost too much in that store.” Then- “I don’t understand how you could buy cigarettes when you don’t have any money”. oh dear…this is a hard one. So I pull out my debit card and explain that I have money but I can’t get to it because the ATM is broken. Back to square one. We stand there staring at each other a few minutes. C. has made a b-line for the car. He is not going to be part of this transaction. There is nothing in the store this man wants- doesn’t want a coke, or nabs or a hotdog…nothing.

desperate times call for desperate measures. I must have some boiled peanuts. My aha moment…I have a check. Mr. Peanut Man agrees to take a check! SUCCESS.

These boiled peanuts were so worth the $10 I paid for them (yes- I gave Mr. Peanut Man a little tip for his trouble). And for the first time in my life…I had to really barter to purchase boiled peanuts.

One thought on “Will work for peanuts

  1. that just made me laugh out loud!!! I can totally picture you bartering for peanuts with the toothless man:)!!

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