I have been blessed.

Everyday I count my blessing that I live the privileged life that I do. I am thankful that I grew up in a happy home with two loving parents, that I have an education, that I am not addicted to drugs or alcohol, that I married a wonderful man and that both C. and I have great jobs that afford us many luxuries in life. We are blessed.

I was born with the understanding that we should pay it forward when we can. That’s why C. and I choose to give back to our community and universities (well really it’s me telling C. what we need to give back to…but we’ll give him credit for going along with me to the events and supporting me in my efforts). This year, I have been introduced to the United Way of Gville County and all of the life changing programs they support. I decided to commit my $$$’s about a year ago… and along with $$$’s comes my time. I think it’s important to get involved in the organizations I financialy support- I like to know what kind of people are behind an organization- tells me a lot about it.

I carefully filled out the volunteer form, but it took about 8 months to receive a call with an opportunity. It’s hard to believe an org would have a willing volunteer and not take them up on it. The lady called me to make the ask…and before she could even explain what I would be doing…I said yes. She was so startled by my eager enthusiasm that she could hardly continue the conversation. I’d been waiting for the call for 8 months…it didn’t matter what the project was, I was ready to begin working for the United Way. Anyway- I began my volunteer work with the United Way today. I am going to be a school solicitor- which means that I will be meeting with principals at our local schools to discuss several programs the United Way will be offering this year and I’ll plug the fundraising campaign. This will be really fun. I have four schools that I, of course, have never visited. Hope I have nice principals. I really am looking forward to getting involved in the United Way. It feels good to give back…both time and money.

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