made from “Scratch”

Nothing is better than coming home to dinner made from Scratch….Scratch Meals that is…home cooking delivered to your home! I’ve been hearing a lot about this service and thought it would be worth a try. Though C and I really enjoy cooking and we typically cook every night, some nights I just need a break from washing dishes.

It's quite fun to come home to a cooler filled with dinner! No cooking!

Scratch Meals is a great concept. They have an easy to navigate website where you can order your meals and choose the delivery date. Then when you come home from work, you’ll have a nice little cooler sitting on your doorsteps filled with great meals. It’s perfect…in concept.

I ordered meatloaf, sautéed kale with cranberries and a tiramisu (for C…his fave) and some cheese to try on another day. Total cost $24. The meatloaf and kale was supposed to feed 3-4. What 3-4 children? We are not huge eaters…but it was barely enough for the two of us. The meatloaf was ok…better than a lean cuisine (which isn’t an option in our house as we don’t have a microwave) but definitely not as good as it could have been. The kale was tasty, but the cranberries were a bit over powering. C. says the tiramisu was a home run. I’ll blog on the cheese another day.

Overall- I give the food a B- . But the convenience is an A+. I’ll try it again. It makes for an easy evening of relaxation after a long day.  Scratch – if you are reading this…I really would like to see a better variety of food selection. There are only a dozen or so choices and many are full of carbs. Not a lot of offerings for the carb free diet.

Next time you have a crazy week- log onto and give them a try!

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