paper plates and fine china

I have always wondered why someone would choose to eat off of a paper plate. Regardless of the cuisine, paper plates just zap away the flavor. Half of the fun of preparing dinner is “dressing” the plate. Even a simple sandwich plated with a little charisma tastes that much better…china takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary (guess that is why I have 9 sets of china for every occasion imaginable). I didn’t grow up with paper plates- even on Saturdays when we had Norris’s Hot Dogs, mom always carefully unrolled them from their wax paper wrapping and lined them on a plate (with fried okra of course). Even as a single girl, I ate every meal on china with a linen napkin- I even transferred my lean cuisine meals to a real plate. Even little Woo has a china bowl (given with love by his Aunt RCR….resembling an asian take out container to remind him of his asian heritage).

Why choose paper when you can use china? I get it for picnics and large casual gaatherings…but with an ounce of extra effort, you can easily use china. Not to mention the wastes such paper products cause.

C. and I have never eaten a meal as a married couple in our house on paper plates….until today. All the china is packed. Paper plates it is for a week. It was a bit weird to have my salmon and grilled veggies on a paper plate. But I can’t lie… I did the dishes tonight in record time.

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