A Reliable Wife

 Despite what you may think…I am not describing myself (though I do think I am quite the reliable wife!). I started a new book today- A Reliable Wife by Roert Goolrick. An Oprah recommendation. Set in 1907, the book is basically about a mail order bride. A wealthy man in a small mid-west towndesires to change years of solitude by finding a companion to live out the remaining years of his life. According to the book synopsis, it’s an enthralling tale of love and madness, of longing and murder…Read the first 50 or so pages and it seems to be a good read. Characters develop quickly and the plot is moving fast enough that I am ready to pick it back up to see what transpires.

Perfect summer read- love, scandal and murder! What is it about summer that goes along so well with a good book? I don’t know if I read faster or have more time to read, but every summer my interests in books increases ten-fold. I can remember as a child riding my bike back and forth to the Dunn Public library several days a week to check out the next book in the Sweet Valley High Series. That was long before Saved By the Bell and 90210. Most people love to curl up in the cold winter with a good book, but for me nothing is better than an afternoon at the pool with a good read.

I’d love to hear about your reading recomendations…please leave a comment!

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