Give em somthing to talk about

I love to break the rules. Isn’t it fun to give em something to talk about! Day one at the in-laws. I head out to work-7am- cute kaki seersucker suit, fab tortoise brown heels, big chunky stone necklace. Neighbor walking dogs. I politely say good morning and hop in my car and am off to work. Later in the day, the gentleman I saw earlier in the morning approached my father in law to inquire about the “young lady” leaving his house so early in the morning. My FIL politely told him I was his daughter in law and that we would be living with them for a few months….The man looked at my FIL and quickly said, “Well that’s good. I thought you were having a menage a trois!” Seriously, I am red-faced, embarrassed just thinking about it. OK- I don’t want to think about that anymore.

So today, I figured I’d give em a little more to talk about- this time on purpose. My in-laws live across the street from the country club and the road is busy. After an afternoon at the pool, reading and visiting with my dear friend JH, it was time to take the dogs for a walk. I’d already changed clothes three times…morning walk, yoga, pool. I didn’t feel like changing again. There was only one thing to do….walk the dogs in my bathing suit!!!!!!!!! I threw on a wrap so I wouldn’t be completely obnoxious…but to set the scene for you- Blue bathing suit (no K it wasn’t a polo), bright yellow wrap, BIG blue wide brimmed hat, big fab sunglasses and flip flops. I was quite a site strolling down the country club road. I feel certain the neighbors are now really wondering what is going on at the H house! Why walk the ordinary walk when you can spice it up….these cc folks need a little spice!

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