To have and to hold….from this day forth.

Before you get married you hear these horrible stories about other people’s mother in laws. I’ve heard of situations where the MIL insists that you join them at the Club for Sunday lunch EVERY Sunday, the MIL who insist on having a key to YOUR house and feels free to let herself in from time to time to “fluff and puff”, the MIL who judges you for everything and the husband who thinks nothing you do is as great as his mother, and lest I not forget the MIL who insists everyone wear matching white outfits for a “family” portrait on the dunes of the beach and then sends out the embarrassing photo to 500 of her closest friends. (My apologies if any of the above is offensive to you…it’s just not my style).

So in my 20’s as I kissed a lot of toads, I had the fear of God bestowed in me that I would end up with the prince who came along with the MIL from hell. What if the MIL was a dictator or even worse…a complete pushover? What if she was stuck in the 50’s? What if she was mean and over protective? It could have made for a life of misery. I think that part of my dating process was as much about dating the right in-laws as it was dating the right guy. I needed a total package to live happily ever after….

And luckily for me, I found the perfect combo of mother and son! Last night we spent our first night living with the in laws while our house is being renovated. For many, this would be sheer drudgery. Six months with a mother in law privy to every move we make. But for me, it’s going to be a fun adventure. My mother in law is nothing like the women described above. She is totally respectful of our life and our privacy. She is always there when we need her and NOT when we don’t. What an amazing quality to have. She has graciously welcomed us and our two four legged children (one of which…dear Woo…who has no manners what so ever and does whatever he wants whenever he wants and the other has an insatiable appetite for paper- eating mail, magazines and hard cover books).

Sure-We’ll have some challenging days…like those when I don’t want to talk to anyone but she wants to know all the nitty gritty about my day and there will be days when she definitely doesn’t want to deal with me or sweet Woo. But at the end of the day…we’re family…and this situation is just temporary!

Thanks to my MIL for embarking on this awesome adventure with us!

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