My roommate in college was Presh. Yes – that is short for Precious. No – that is not her real name. Yes – she is PRECIOUS! This weekend we had our annual girls get together in Lake Summit, SC. One of the girls is lucky enough to have a house on the lake and we have been getting together there for years. It’s one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been. Our raging parties in college  have turned into girl gab fest. Someone made an astute comment this weekend, “I think we could spend 24 hours a day together for the rest of our lives and still not run out of things to talk about.” It doesn’t matter how long its been since our last visit, it’s like we were never apart. I’m sure you have friends like this. What would we do with out them?

Most of the girls have babies…lots of baby talk. But somehow we managed to mix in a few strolls or stumbles down memory lane, a little talk of travel, careers and of course fashion. I don’t know how we all came to be friends back in college. We are all completely different. We weren’t in the same sorority, not the same major, didn’t live in the same dorm….I guess there was some crazy connection that brought us together.

So what’s new about this….not much. Sometimes it’s an afternoon, a day or weekend with old friends that is more interesting than something new.

BUT- I am committed to this blog and trying something new EVERYDAY so at 4:00 after a gourmet lunch of mediterranean panninis, orzo salad, fresh fruit and bahama mama’s and a leisure afternoon sitting lakeside, Presh and I got motivated and headed into town to the wine and cheese shop ( to find something new. And you know the drill….desparate times call for desparate measures….you guessed it- a new cheese! Actually two!

Presh and I spent a semester in southern France sampling lots of delish cheeses elegantly presented at the end of each meal served by our french mom. We both LOVED gouda. So we found an interesting gouda to try- a blend of Mediterranean herbes, olives, garlic and sun dried tomatoes….very tastey! We gobbled up almost the entire wedge!

We also sampled a locally made cows milk cheese-Juusto (in Sweden this is made with Reindeer mil!). Juusto  is a traditional Scandinavian cheese that is pan fried and developes a crust almost like french toast. It has a buttery, creamy taste and the neat thing is that it is served warm and is not runny or stringy. It holds its shape. I definitely will consider serving this at my next party. It’s so interesting…sure to be a conversation piece!

We enjoyed a late afternoon sampling of cheeses, a little red wine and great sunset…not to mention the bond of special friends with stories to last a lifetime!


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