Water or A.C. – too hot for anything else

I made it home from my whirlwind DC trip and girls weekend…a little tired and needing some serious rest before a big work week. It’s about a million degrees outside in Gville so any activity that does not involve either water or AC is out of the question….unless it’s a means to an end. C. decided we needed a little exercise so today we road our bikes to the pool to have lunch and relax (ok…so the distance from the house to the pool is about the equivalent of a DC block or two …don’t discredit the fact that I, AGH, road my bike to the pool). I couldn’t decide whether I should feel empowered and proud to wheel into the country club on a mountain bike or to feel a little embarrassed and unsophisticated. I decided in the end to feel proud for giving my heart a little exercise…I mean it was up hill on the way back. That counts. Not to mention the fact that we were very green in our activity!

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