mission control – aka my office

Do you remember the green computer screens of the 80’s- worked with the DOS operating systems? My high school library still had them in the 90’s. How about the apple computers that had the computer terminal and the monitor all in one? The screen was about a 6 x6? I thought those were fab because they could be transported. How about the first lap tops that had a roller ball mouse and of course a noncolor screen. I thought it was the coolest thing that I could fit my laptop in my back pack like a notebook. I can remember taking my laptop to a peaceful mountainous overlook to write a paper…the battery lasted 30 minutes…which was less time than it took for me to get to the location! Baby we’ve come a long way!

Now we have all kinds of crazy technology to shuffle with in the office. Just a couple of years ago I would have laughed at the option of using two computer screens…like a nasa mission control center. Well today I officially turned my office into “mission control”. That’s kind of funny…not sure what I am controlling, but the screens sure do look good. I already wonder how I lived without two. Yes- it makes work easier because you can compare documents and you don’t have to toggle back and forth. BUT…how about those moments when you are on a boring conference call and you can have the reference materials on one screen and something more interesting on the other. Not that I would ever do that…I’m just saying….

What’s going to be next….walls of screens or a screen that spans the wall?

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