Coconut water- Celebs love it

Coconut water…sounds like a perfect pairing for a little rum drink. But wait- it’s not meant to mix with rum (although I have yet to meet a beverage mixed with rum that I doesn’t amuse me). Coconut water is being tapped as nature’s energy drink. With the potassium of two bananas and 15 times the electrolytes found in sports drink, this little darling is almost like a little liquid miracle after a tough workout.

The summer heat and humidity makes hot yoga a killer. My body rids its self of all kinds of crazy toxins (like the hot dogs I ate yesterday) and I am not sure I always properly hydrate. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this drink and thought if Madonna drinks it…then so should I! I couldn’t find it in the regular grocery store, but found it at the Fresh Market today. $2.69 for a 17 oz box (2 servings).

Very interesting. It almost seemed to taste a little sour…bitter- kind of like a green banana. It was a taste I had never had before. I certainly couldn’t drink the whole bottle at once. It was far too rich. I think I had about 1/2 a serving before I called it quits. I think it must be an acquired taste. I will work on it. They say red wine is an acquired taste as well….and I seemed to have acquired that taste fairly easy. I’ll give her a shot! It’s so “in” right now and so good for you, I think I’ll learn to like the benefits.

The water is extracted from young green coconuts. The water inside the coconut is actually what turns into the flesh as it ripens. You would think it would be really sweet, but I guess like all fruit, the ripening makes it sweet…Duh. This drink has been enjoyed by Brazilians for years and actually is the second most popular fruit juice (second to OJ) I also learned that it can help soothe an upset stomach and when paired with a proper diet, it can aid in weight loss. Sounds like a miracle…sign me up!

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