Food and Wine- another great recipe

With the arrival of the new Food and Wine, I feel inspired to try out new recipes. This month’s issue has a focus on outdoor entertaining and it is filled with beautiful photos of fresh, summer produce. We visited with my mom and dad last week and dad sent us home with fresh tomatoes out of his garden. Dad has always had a garden of sorts and his harvest is always interesting. I remember the summer he grew zucchini and man was it a successful harvest…we had zucchini EVERYTHING!

Anyway- there was an interesting recipe for tomatoes that I thought would be a good side for our baked chicken this evening. The recipe called for a light french style vinaigrette with herbes of provence served with blue cheese crumbles and a garnish of fresh basil (page 93- I ommitted the bacon to save fat and calories but everything tastes better with a little bacon). Very tasty. The tomatoes were sweet and juicy and the vinaigrette paired with the blue cheese gave it a tangy sharp flair. Perfect summer dish. Thanks for the maters dad!

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