Hint-Drink Water. Not Sugar.

Did you know that an estimated 50 billion bottles of water are consumed per year in the US and around 200 billion bottles globally? We are addicted!  I know we didn’t have it as kids and I can remember having a tupperware square water bottle in highschool. weird. I don’t really remember drinking bottled water on a regular basis until I lived in France…then Evian water. It was so chic to walk around with a bottle of Evian water (that was to rehydrate after consuming bottles of wine the night before).That was in 1996. There weren’t many choices. Today there are millions of choices…flavors, sizes, types, bottle shapes, etc. Can you believe that sales of flavored, non-carbonated drinks surpassed soda this year?

A few weeks ago I read an article about how detrimental our bottled water habit is to our environment. From the production of the plastic to the waste that the bottles produce, this consumer product is leaving its mark on the world’s environment. Though recycling rates are up about 3% and the bottle weights are down, our consumption increases daily to offset the positive strides being made.

I actually promised myself that I would STOP drinking bottled water….actlually I told myself I would stop consuming all beverages that come in plastic containers. But being the LAZY, overindulged American that I am, I can’t seem to stop.  And especially not since  today I discovered a wonderful new flavored water by Hint- mango-grapefruit (with the tag line- Drink Water. Not Sugar. That’s some powerful marketing right there). Lightly flavored, no juice, no sweetener. No calories. It really did have a fruity essence that was smoothe-not overpowering. Quite tasty. I mentioned this discovery to a friend and she said she loves to use these flavored waters for a cocktail base in the summer- adding vodka and a lime or lemon or other fresh fruit. interesting. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel on bottles, she had to give me a new cocktail idea.

So- about my resolution to be more environmentally conscience. The first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem. I have now become more educated and am conscious of the problem. Next step is to take action. I can’t give up bottled water cold turkey. No addict ever succeeds cold turkey. So here’s what I will do. I will re-use this water bottle for several weeks and promise myself not to buy another until I have used this one to the point that it is embarrassing to carry it around. Then maybe I can ween myself into an aluminum bottle or perhaps maybe just another fresh plastic one without such a guilty conscious.

One thought on “Hint-Drink Water. Not Sugar.

  1. You are funny. The water bottle habit is hard to break. I have started “making” mint-infused water and keeping it in a pitcher in the fridge and filing up my nalgene. Very tasty.

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