Move over Bridget Jones…Elle Woods here!

I am really embarrassed to admit this, but there are times when I can really relate to Elle Woods. That would be THE Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. She is so bubbly, friendly, outgoing and smart and she is antagonized by a really jealous, mean spirited girl who goes to extremes to undermine Elle. I have always felt a bit like Elle (minus the blonde hair of course) because of my bubbly personality and misunderstood intellect. Early in my career, I worried that people wouldn’t take me seriously because of my outgoing friendly style. I tried to change…to be someone I wasn’t. Thank goodness I realized that it takes far less energy to be positive and full of energy than to be negative and down trodden. 

Yet, I often am intimidated by the more serious, power play types. I understand deep down that those types are often not effective and I know that being true to oneself is far more powerful. Even still, it is easy to be intimidated every now and then.

A little secret I have found to be true regardless of a the circumstance: A good suit can go a long way in overcoming intimidation. So when I found this cute little number that screamed Elle Woods, I knew it was a must have for the board room!  I’m not really a pink girl and the closest thing to pink in my professional wardrobe would be a pink cami worn UNDER a serious jacket. But when I put this ultra feminine pink ensemble on, I instantly knew that this suit was a power play! Not everyone can pull off a pink suit and be taken seriously.

As I traveled to my meetings today, I felt incredibly sophisticated and confident in my new pink suit. The skirt fit just right to show off my curves and the accent of a little pearl necklace screamed country club sophistication. All I needed was a fluffy pen and perhaps woo in my handbag and I could have rivaled Elle in a heartbeat (except I would like to think I am smarter)!

I arrived just in time to run into the drug store for a coke. But as I got out of my car, I heard a little click on the pavement. Oh no. Something had fallen. Did I have a pen on my lap? Did something fall out of my purse? Oh no. It was one of my pretty pink satin buttons…on the dirty asphalt…under the car. CRAP. The role of Bridget Jones is being played by Elle Woods/ME today. Deep breath. Just get your coke and make a game plan, I thought to myself. Thank goodness I was at the drug store so I could buy a needle and thread and figure out how to sew it on. But how to get it from under the car without ruining the rest of my suit. Oh yeah…just back up. Whew. That’s a lot of unplanned strategy before my meetings.

Have you ever tried to thread a needle under pressure…not to mention sitting in a car?  Ten minutes later and A LOT of explicatives…button was on. Not exactly in the right spot…but it’ll do. Bye Bye Bridget. Back to Elle.

Wow. I really am amazed at the power of a pink suit. On fire all day. Focused. definitely moments when I was rattled …but deep breath. Looking pretty in pink. Success.

2 thoughts on “Move over Bridget Jones…Elle Woods here!

  1. This was a fabulously fantastic read. I can see every detail of this story play out and literally laughed out loud at the thought of you sewing a button back on, especially a pink satin one. 🙂 I think pink is a great color for you – I am certain you could have gotten into Harvard! Now, to perfect your ‘Bend and Snap’… might need to save that for another day, huh? Love the satin piping on the skirt too – so cute!

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