A light cocktail for a hot summer night

As of recent I have been OBSESSED with Fresca. I found some in the fridge while everyone was away and gave it a shot. I don’t know if I had ever tried Fresca before. Instant love. I bought a couple of 12 packs. One for my office and one for home. I have been devouring these fresh light drinks on a daily basis. They make me feel like I am enjoying a fun cocktail or exotic drink at a fancy resort while really I am just having some carbonated grapefruit juice staring at my computer.

I honestly thought that Fresca was an invention of the 1990’s. Imagine my surprise to learn that it was actually from 1966. And I also learned that C’s great-uncle was the Mad Man on the account developing all of the advertising for the launch of Fresca.

I bet you are wondering how all of this Fresca talk is related to champagne. So a few weeks ago I read an interview with Danny Devito in Travel and Leisure (remember when he and George drank limoncello all night then appeared on The View. Tragic). He commented that his favorite drink is champagne with a splash of limoncello.What a fantastic combo. I had to give this little cocktail a shot. I love champagne and I love limoncello.

The first mixture was too strong on the limoncello side…but then I added more champagne…and guess what…it tasted like my new beloved Fresca! It was fantastic. The dry, bubble, fizzy taste of the champagne combined with the sweet syurpy taste of the limoncello – a match made in heaven and a light cheerful cocktail for the dog days of summer. Cheers friends!

One thought on “A light cocktail for a hot summer night

  1. Vodka-Fresca with a squeeze of lemon…one of Seal and mys favorites! Cant believe you haven’t been indoctrinated to our tradition sooner!

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