For the love of old…

Have you ever had a hard time parting with an old t-shirt? Worn, washed a million times, soft, frayed sleeves, faded….fabulous. Oh for the love of old!

I love all things old (which is kind of ironic since my blog platform is about all things NEW!). I especially love antique furniture. I like to romanticize about where the piece once lived, what type of person built it, who owned it, what it was originally used for. I can totally get lost at a flea market and of course for me, there is nothing quite like a good antique store. But I’m not attracted to the well preserved antiques..I like the well worn, much loved, paint peeling, fabric frayed, rustic kind of old… the kind of old that screams history.

detail shot of the fab old wood and nice clean lines

So imagine the dilemma I face by the renovation to my old house…the old moldings are gone, the character of the old windows are gone…the wonderful old tile-gone. What I am left with is essentially a new house. Other than three exterior walls and a fireplace, I will have a new house. While this is exciting…there is also a very sad part to the story. We have erased the history of our sweet little bungalow.

Where there is imagination…there is a way. I am on a mission to add some old elements to the house…character building pieces…like my frayed Camp Seafarer t-shirt from 1994! First purchase- a beautiful OLD mantel. I found the perfect one at an antique store last weekend and made the purchase today. My something new today is really something old-very old. I love the character of this mantel. It certainly came from a modest home. It’s very simple with nice clean lines. I feel certain it was once painted, but now has been stripped to its natural wood state. It has grayed with age. At first I didn’t think it would work within our space…but with a little begging and pleading and the move of the french doors, the mantel will be the perfect anchor for our new family room. A perfect fit…just like my frayed old t-shirts!

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