Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap

Good, Big and Cheap! Anything described in this way, must be worth knowing about. I woke up early and decided to head out to the Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book sale- a benefit for the Gville Literacy Association.

I’m so not a girl for crowds…especially the general public. Not that I think I am better than others…but being a petit girl, crowds make me feel a little claustrophobic because I can’t see anything but people’s back sides..and sometimes that just isn’t pretty. I saw that you could pay a little extra to get in early and beat the crowd. Perfect. I arrived about 30 minutes before the public opening. The line of folks wrapped around the building (an old mall)- people of all shapes and sizes, carrying big tote bags, baskets and roller luggage…all to load up on books. I quickly skipped up to the front of the line…paid my extra bucks and headed in. OMG. I have never in my life. There were millions of books- all neatly organized and categorized. What a dream! But I only had 15 minutes before the masses arrived so this trip needed to be short and sweet. I loaded up with five home decor books, a birthday cake cook book and two general cook books for a friend who is trying to cook at home more often. So that is 8 books…nearly new…for a whopping $29. I now get it…that’s why all of those people had suitcases! To haul off all of the good, cheap books!

Next year, I’ll plan to arrive at 7:30…and bring my suitcase!

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