Taking Risks

Sometimes it is a bit scary to take a risk. Whether that risk is a financial risk, an emotional risk or even a simple design risk. There is something inherently human that gives a little thrust of adrenaline when risk is imminant…whether the risk is significant or not.

Over the weekend, I fell in love with these great rusted birdcage light fixtures. They had a fab old patina and probably date from the late 1800’s. And the beauty was there were two!  I have no idea where these came from…or even why someone would have two identical birdcages…nor do I know how some creative spirit thought to turn the cages into light fixtures. All I knew…was love….love at first sight. But where could I put these beauties?

Several months ago I found these really safe…basic…nondescript penant lights in Pottery Barn that I decided to use over the kitchen island. They would provide a nice clean look and not distract from other areas of focus. But then along came the bird cages. Could they work? Would they be too large? Too obtrusive? Not to scale?

Fear set in. What if they look ridiculous? What if they don’t provide enough light? What if they are too over the top? Oh the decision. What to do? I wanted someone else to make the decision…to convince me these were a bad idea…to afirm these were a great idea. But ultimately, the decision was mine…and I was the one who would have to live with these fixtures forever. FOREVER. That is a long time.

My heart raced just thinking about them. After a couple of days of deep consideration, I realized that this fear, this risks, was silly. They were just light fixtures…and if they looked  stupid, I could easily change them. It wasn’t forever. I decided to take the leap…buy the cages and see what happened. Afterall, it was love at first sight…and how could that ever be wrong?

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