First Signs of Fall

The morning air is a bit cooler. Some of the leaves have begun to change. Apples are beginning to be harvested. The first signs of fall are upon us. Though the thermometer says it is 95 degrees, my heart says..hurry up fall. Bring on football games, blue jeans and the fall harvest.

My in-laws went up to the mountains this weekend and came back with a big bag of apples- fresh picked from an orchard. I just had to find a perfect apple dish to kick off the fall harvest. How about cranberry, caramel baked apples. Just like a caramel apple from the state fair…but with a hint of cranberry flavor.

The recipe called for me to core the apple using a melon baller (a recent purchase to help with my watermelon “cake”).  I had never cored an apple! Something new to go along with the new dish. I baked the apples with the cranberry caramel for about an hour. After baking, I reduced the sauce then poured back on the apple….pooling it in the carved out core. I then topped it with whipped cream. OMG. TASTY. Tart and sweet all at once. The apple was cooked to perfection…soft but not mushy. The caramel sauce was a perfect combo of deep sweet and a light citrus. One bite and I was transported back to the North Carolina State Fair at age 8.

Happy Fall Ya’ll.

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