Turkey Jerky

What could be more weird than beef jerky? Turkey jerky!  Are you thinking YUCK or YUM??? I woke up starving this morning. Enjoyed my protein shake…but was starving shortly after. I am on a high protein diet (gotta lose those five pounds of summer cocktail weight I gained) and let’s just say there aren’t a lot options on I-85 at 9am. So I wheeled in to a truck stop to see what I could find.  NOT MUCH

I did find a $6.50 package of turkey jerky at the Love Truck Stop just outside of Gaffney. Not too appetising but my options were limited and my stomach was growling. It’s terribly gross that I like jerky. Dried meat. How barbaric. But at 100 calories and 0.5 fat grams, it was a bargain on the weight loss front. Washed down with a coke zero…and I was on the road again!

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