A small change = big results

Sometimes a small change is all I need to equal big results. Work is crazy busy. NUTS. But in the most fun way. I have a lot of really exciting project- a new ad campaign, a new media plan++++++….I am trying to be mindful of my needs and make time to let my mind rest a few minutes each day to re-energize and refocus. I go to my desk top view on my computer so as to not be distracted by emails.  I decided I needed to change my desktop photo to reflect my need for tranquil time. The previous photo was a very bright, active photo of a sea grape plant in the bahamas….not peaceful. 

my happy place


When I need to quiet myself, I take myself to water- any water will do. Sometimes I walk along the shoreline and sometimes I float a big raft and sometimes I sit on the bow of a sailboat and feel the wind (all in my mind, of course). So I chose this photo to bring me to my happy place. Breathe in…breathe out. Mind is quiet. Rest. Five minutes is all it takes and back to work! Energized for whatever might come my way. 


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