Like Clockwork

We never seem to have enough hours in a day. And who doesn’t have a bottomless in-box? No matter how hard we try to beat the rat race…the rat always seems to win…if we let him! Over the weekend, I noticed that my watch was getting condensation inside. This, my beloved, 30th birthday present to myself…a ruged swiss army watch adorned with diamonds, was beginning to show its age. So this morning I took it off. At first, I admit, I felt a little naked.

I am addicted to time. My days are scheduled…like clock work. I am always the first on conference calls and never a minute late for a meeting- actually…you can count on me being five minutes early-ALWAYS. I bet I look at my watch a million times a day…even thought there is a clock on my computer, my office phone and my cell phone. I seem to be surrounded by time.

I have always dreamed of being the carefree girl who never knows what time it is…who eats when she is hungry and not when the clock says “eat”…who goes to sleep when she is tired….not when the clock says “night night time”. Today, my first day in the working world without a watch was an adjustment to say the least. I stared blankly at my naked wrist a few dozen times before lunch!

And my yoga class was really interesting. I usually carefully place my watch at the top of my  mat so that I can glance at the time while in my downward dogs. I know that fifteen minutes into class my body is warm and I begin to sweat. 30 minutes in, I am feeling my groove, 45 minutes -I can slow down…cool down is coming. But today was difference. Wow…I felt the rhythms of the class. I listened to my body and let my inner self tell me what to do…rather than the restricting face of a clock. 

What a liberating experience. I think I can adjust to this…and perhaps beat the rat!  I plan to tuck my little watch into my jewelry box for a while and enjoy the rhythms of life.

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