Our world is so incredibly filled with noise. How often do we actually stop and enjoy the quiet of the moment? Silence is uncomfortable. It’s scary. What do we do when the music stops? How do we fill the void of the noise?

Today, I experienced a silent yoga class. While there was background meditative music, the teacher was silent. She was not calling out instructions for poses or encouraging us to go deeper into the poses, no encouraging words to tell us to try harder…there were no corrections or bits of wisdom and advice to help us. It was just me and the mat. Much like my first day without a watch, I felt a little naked at first. A little scared. There was this weird fear that I wouldn’t know what pose to do- that I would look silly in front of the group. My heart raced. I felt awkward-like it was my first yoga class. Then I gave in and went with the flow of the class. I breathed. I meditated. I silenced my own inner voice. I went with the flow of the class and felt the rhythms of the room. How freeing. What started as fear…ended as an energizing hour of self reflection. Silence is beautiful – open your heart to the possibilities.

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