A father told his son the story of two rival wolves. One wolf was unhappy, jealous, negative, and terribly sad. The other wolf was happy, positive, loving and full of energy. The son asked the father, “Dad, which wolf won?” The father answered, “The one that was fed the most.”

So goes the parable that my yoga practice was centered on today. We practiced to special music tonight- kundalini music to bring out the vital force within our heart. The music was composed to transform the spirit. My instructor warned us that the music is meant to bring us into a highly meditative state. I have honestly never experienced a practice quite like this one. At the end, I was both exhausted and exhilarated. During the practice I focused my spirit and energy on a specific point in my life that has been terribly troubling to me. This part of my life is causing pain and discomfort. But tonight, I took all of the energy in my heart, my positive energy, and I directed it to this aspect of my life. I imagined and visualized the light flowing from my heart to this darkness.

About half way through class, I felt an emotional flush rush through me. An exhaustion. A passing of the negativity. Though I am not so idealistic to think this darkness is gone, I do think that I felt the power of grace to open my heart and share light with this darkness. And I can honestly say- Thank You- to this part of my life. For without this darkness, the light would not be nearly as powerful.

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