Are you connected?

Do you remember your first cell phone? When I turned 16 I was given my Dad’s old bag phone. It was huge and I could only use it for emergencies. Which sometimes consisted of calling my boyfriend while driving home from school. Emergency is relative when you are 16. And I can remember upgrading to a HUGE handheld…then my first flip…then my first cute little red nokia….on to a blackberry…the one with the wheel on the side. Ah progress. Or is it progress?

Is it progress to be married to your job via a cell phone? Is it progress to be constantly in communication?  Is it progress to ALWAYS be checking your in-box? To check it just before bed and first thing in the morning. I guess “progress” is as relative as “emergency”.

I entered the working world in 1998. Email was used…but a fax machine was used more. Cell phone were still cell phones and not lifelines. I wasn’t required to have a cell phone for my job and quite frankly when I walked out of the office, my day was done…finished….complete…until I arrived back at the office the next day. No emails, no texts, no internet at home. WOW. I can’t even imagine, just a short 12 years later, not being completely connected 24-7.

There are days that I love the connection and of course days when I would like to throw my pink crackberry out of the window. I’m preparing for my upcoming trip to Singapore and of course need to stay connected. My current crackberry won’t work internationally so today I got a new one. Not a fancy iPhone…not a hip Droid….a boring, but reliable crackberry. I think I’ll call him Tom.

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