Little Black Dress

Styles come. And styles go. But there is one iconic style that will never be replaced. The little black dress. The black dress can be worn with ballet flats and fun jewelry for a casual lunch, with mile high heels for a sexy evening look, with pearls and a jacket for a job interview, with a simple cardigan for a casual day at the office and with flip flops for a summer outdoor concert.

What would we do without a simple little black dress?  And let me add…it’s all about the fit. If you can find a well made, perfectly fitted little black dress then you grab it…regardless of the price. Which is what I did when I found this perfect Michael Kors black cotten dress with patent leather details at Labels. Lucky for me… the fit was perfect and the price was right. I wore my new dress to work today with simple pearl earrings, a cream cardigan and black patent heels.  I can hardly believe someone let this dress go…clearly they must have outgrown it. I will wear it until it wears out! I mean really…how can you grow tired of a simple black dress with clean lines and sopshisticated detail?

I am thinking about wearing it everyday for a week and making a new look each day as my something new becuase I promise I have never worn the same dress five days in a row!!!! But this something new will need to wait for my MIL to return home for the photographs. There is NO WAY C will participate in this activity!

Do you have any ideas of what I can do with the dress to give it a new look each day?

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