One hundred pages in, I am immersed in my first Nook read- Freedom by Jonathon Franzen. Lots of hype around Oprah’s latest pick. I had to give it a shot.

Immediately hooked, the story is narrated from all different perspectives, from the neighbors, friends and on-lookers, to the wife, husband and children. This modern novel brings to contemplation the true meaning of freedom.

Freedom is explored on so many levels- freedom from love, freedom to love, freedom from loss, freedom from history, freedom from society, freedom from personal turmoil, freedom from desire, freedom from sexual desires, freedom from intellectual endeavors…the list goes on. Each character brings his/her own challenges and struggles with freedom. There is no way that you can’t find someone whom you relate to in this story of life. This story brings to the surface the timeless quest for freedom and the human quest for meaning.

Though it doesn’t appear that the average readers on Barnes and Noble are giving this book a good review, I personally think this novel will live as a classic display of human struggle and a testament to the contemporary society we live in today.

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