chaneling my inner zen

There are some days that ya just gotta force your inner zen to come out. Not everyday is naturally peaceful. Heck…most days are down right stressful and crazy. And I will be the first to tell you that there is nothing zen-like about I-85.

I seem to be making this stressful trip more and more frequently. So today, I decided to connect with my inner zen. I normally listen to shows like the Gayle King Show and Broad Minded, but today I tuned in to Spa radio and cruised along, channeling my inner peace. It was really hard not to get stuck on my work thoughts….which really creates stress. These thoughts tend to snowball and next thing ya know…its heart palpitations and frustration to be spending time driving rather than getting the to-do list done.

But on this trip, I guided my thoughts to a peaceful place and took the time to reflect and relax into the moment. AHMMMMMM AHMMMMM yogi breathing. Try it some time. It’s a challenge- but the reward is worth it.

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