Cookies for Kids Cancer

As I get older, I realize that cancer touches so many people- young and old. This past December, my sweet neighbor, Davis was diagnosed with cancer. He has been such an inspiration. He always has a smile and no matter what he keeps his mom, my dear friend, in check! He’s such a great kid and a fighter!

Today, I attended a fund raiser for cancer research. Cookies for Kids Cancer is a grass roots effort inspired by a mom with a mission to change the fight against kids cancer. The fund raiser is a donation only bake sale. I couldn’t even believe all of the sweets spread out on tables across a parking lot of a local shopping center. There were kids, parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors rallying together to help fight this disease. I am inspired by those who gave their time and energy to put together the bake sale and inspired by the mom who wouldn’t take no for answer and fought to save her child.

2 thoughts on “Cookies for Kids Cancer

  1. Can I just say that YOU are an inspiration as my friend. Warm soups, homemade chocolate truffles, goodie baskets all kept me going in those early days when Davis was first diagnosed. I can never thank you enough for being there for us…

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