hot dog

Do you ever have a crazy craving that you just can’t shake? All week, I have been craving a good hot dog, one of my favorite comfort foods. I love hot dogs. Yes I know they are so bad for you.

As a child we had hot dogs every Saturday from Norris’s Frozen Custard- 3 dogs/$1. The dogs were bright red and came in a steamed bun with chili and finely chopped onions. YUM. Alas, there isn’t a Norris’s here in Gville, so C. took me to a very special place, his personal favorite place for hot dogs. A place I have visited a million times, but never indulged in a snack while visiting (actually I always wondered what kind of weirdo would actually eat there).

Costco. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years. For $3.24 we both had a hot dog and a diet coke. Seriously you can’t beat that. I wouldn’t say it was the best dog I ever ate, but it was very good. Bun was delish and fresh, dog wasn’t too salty and had a nice hint of garlic and pepper. Craving Satiated. Mission accomplished.

And after lunch…a little shopping. Now I see why all the weirdos are having lunch at the front of the store!

3 thoughts on “hot dog

  1. Oh my, Ag, you have made me quite hungry for some Norris’ dogs this morning. I bet your Mom has already visited that “notorious” feeding trough while she is in Dunn City!!

  2. The next time you go to Costco take us with you. T, SS, and I go for free samples and then pizza in the food court. T already knows how to work the ladies for extra samples if it is a good one 🙂

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