Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue…or so they say. I wouldn’t really know as I have very little patience! Today I took a Performance Indicator Test (PI). This is an interesting personality test- there are only two questions. One- select all of the attributes you would use to describe yourself. Two- Select all of the attributes others would use to describe you.

I was incredibly blown away at how accurate this test described me. Obviously based on the title of this blog post, I discovered that my patience score was very low. I want it now. I want it fast. I want it immediately. That’s why tonight when I got home and was a little hungry, I couldn’t wait 30 minutes for dinner…I stuffed my face with popcorn…and was not hungry for the delish dinner that was prepared. oops!

On the flip side, having a low patience score means that I am driven, results focused and action oriented. Yin and Yang! There can always be a positive…even for a negative. (oh and did I mention that the test showed I was incredibly optimistic!)

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