Comfort First

I love the romantic notion of strutting through the airport as a world traveler- dressed to the nine, chic yet casual, fab luggage, designer handbag and a grande Starbucks latte- Picture a cute actress, snapped by the paparazzi and featured in People magazine.

ok but seriously…now lets talk about me. Not glam. No designer luggage. No paparazzi. Maybe a Starbucks latte.

As I began to pack for this 30 hour travel deal, I threw romantic notions out the window…comfort first. I really do usually try to look sophisticated while traveling but in light of this gruelling trip, I decided to go with a backpack as a carry-on. I definitely haven’t carried a backpack since I was 20 headed to Europe. And I must say…the back pack is very practical. Easy to carry, easy to pack. Not so chic but so practical.

And for added comfort, I bought some new moisturizing socks. They are extra fluffy and are  moisturizing. I don’t know how this works…I think it may be a false promise. These socks will be perfect and cozy for the flights. I’ll just snuggle up with my blankie and catch some z’s over the pacific. Bon Voyage friends!

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