Powerpoint- You’ve come a long way baby!

We’re down to the wire getting ready for my upcoming presentation. My presentation coach suggested that I embed the videos into my presentation. Oh dear. It’s been a while since I put video into a presentation. Back in the day it took serious work to get a video into the presentation. AND…how in the world could I get the video downloaded from You Tube. I’ve never done this before. Pressure is on…leaving in 24 hours.

First step- google “how to down load you tube video”. Lots of options and great advice. I easily downloaded a tool that would enable me to download the video. Next step- embed into powerpoint. Imagine my delight to realize that there is now a video button in Powerpoint that quickly and easily allows a video to be placed into the presentation. Presto. Done. Videos now live in powerpoint. No clicking back and forth! I think I am ready to hop on the plane (just as soon as everything fits into my suitcase!).

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