Preparing for a Global Audience

Public Speaking 101- Picture your audience naked.  That is the most ridiculous advice I have ever heard. Who thought of that? I have never had a fear of public speaking- but seriously- picturing the audience naked would add greater anxiety rather than relieve it for me (espeicially knowing several who will be in the audience).

Though I may be a little better than the average presenter, I have never had any real training. So I met with a presentation coach, Sherry Wyatt of Wheless-Wyatt Communications , today to work on my social media presentation for the upcoming Praxity presentation in Singapore. Definitely a good idea before taking the global stage!  Here are a couple of things I learned:

1. Cut cut cut- make your presentation as concise as possible
2. If the schedule is running late- make up the time by cutting your presentation. This demonstrates you are a professional.
3. Maintain control by offering a closing AFTER questions.
4. Memorize your opening lines to get the presentation started with energy
5. Include room temp water on the podium (not cold) to keep your vocal chords warm
6. Be prepared to do your presentation without visuals
7. Number your notecards just in case you drop them
8. You cannot be over prepared…practice practice…think through all details
9. Make eye contact with person asking question at the beginning of the answer, then scan the room and direct answer to the entire room (and repeat question if ther is not a mic for the person asking the question)

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